Pickles Are Greener on the Other Side

Title: Pickles Are Greener on the Other Side
Film: Drama Short
Director: Sarah Knoetig
Storyline: Berlin, 1989. Helena and Louise would be happy in their relationship if it wasn’t for this huge wall separating them. The only solution is writing letters. But what the two of them don’t know is that Stasi officer Bernd who works for the surveillance department, is enjoying their constant letter exchanges as his daily bedtime story. While Bernd has yet to figure out how to read between the lines, his assistant Eberhardt grows suspicious and desperately tries to open Bernd’s eyes. But maybe Bernd isn’t as oblivious as Eberhardt thinks he is. While the officers are playing hide and seek with Louise’s and Helena’s letters, the women are already escaping. Nothing can stop them now. Except for maybe…the Fall of the Wall?
Status: Completed

The music for this film has been composed in collaboration with Haukur Karlsson.