De Les (The Lesson)

Het Komische Duo

Summary: Ilse Geilen and Sebastián Mrkvicka from ArtEZ academy of theatre are going to play their graduation performance called “The Lesson”. An absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco from 1953 about power, truth-building and performance pressure which still follows topics that occur nowadays. A pupil enters the home of a professor because she wants to master the knowledge of all possible subjects. The professor teaches her and the pupil seems to be an excellent student. When she makes a mistake, the true nature of the professor emerges. Will the professor’s lust for power result in the death of the pupil? Are the performing actors resistant to the truth they have to face. Can they handle the pressure of creating a graduation performance in general? Is this the beginning of a successful career or will they perish silently? Curious for the result? Come, watch the performance and make your own decision!
NOTE: this theatre play will only be performed in Dutch!

Play & Concept: Sebastián Mrkvicka & Ilse Geilen
Direction & Concept: Jessie L’Herminez
Music: Mike Meurs
Light Design: Erasmus Mackenna & Charles Pas
Production: Jan Smeets
Marketing: Sebastián Mrkvicka & Ilse Geilen
Photography: Marjolein Annegarn
Marketing Leader: Sanne van Slooten
Technical Leader: Ed Smit


Mike Meurs · De Les – Outro

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